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Hello 2021!

Well HELLO to you and 2021 too!

Man was 2020 a rough year for everyone! I had set so many big business goals for 2020 that with everything going on, just couldn't accomplish. (and hey, I have accepted that and am ready for 2021!)

My business had a lot of ups and some major downs for the year. The shutdown from March to May was extremely difficult, but thanks to clients pre booking as well as purchasing gift cards, I was able to continue maintaining my business and kept up with the overhead. So the BIGGEST of thank yous to those people and to everyone for supporting my small business in 2020!

Now let's move away from 2020 and on to 2021 and some slight changes, upgrades, opportunities and more!

Some basic changes and things to know are:

  1. Everyone booking a session will need to sign a contract beginning January 1, 2021.

  2. Retainers will be required for all new bookings as well

  3. How to contact me? Please contact me via email/ my contact tab here on my website, or through my Facebook business page. It is really hard and sometimes messages get "lost" when they are mixed in with my personal texts or Facebook messages. All texts and personal Facebook messages will be rerouted to one of my business contacts.

  4. Since my workflow and busy seasons can fluctuate, estimated delivery times will be communicated to you both before and after your session. If you have any questions please let me know!

  5. Images are delivered via a password protected website with a print release. I only release the password and images to the paying client who signed the contract.

Now for the bigger and more exciting things!



I am going to start with the most obvious and most likely the most important of the changes, but don't be scared! Yes, it is pricing. My regular session fees have a small increase since I chose not to increase in January of 2020, so this is just a slight increase from my 2019 pricing. (SEE not that scary!) :)

You can view the new pricing sheets below. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have about the new pricing.

*Taxes and travel may not be included on the pricing sheets*

On the first pricing sheet you will notice something new. Regular sessions are now Everyday Sessions and there is also a choice of an Everyday Mini Session. SAY WHAT?! That's right, you can now book a mini time spot just for a regular day (no theme required). Now there are some rules about the Everyday Minis. The number of images deliver with the session fee is 15, but you can choose to purchase more from your gallery and will be priced separately. These mini sessions can take place at a list of approved locations and times based on my availability. These are perfect for those just needing a quick update to their family photos! The Everyday Minis CANNOT be used for cake smashes, newborns, or events.

Everyday Sessions



Now, let's move on to the Newborn pricing! You will notice that the same three types of sessions I have already offered are still available, but there is something completely NEW that I want to try for little ones this year.

CUSTOM SESSIONS! These sessions will take place in the studio only and like regular newborn sessions you will have access to the client closet and get family poses, but you will also work with me designing the perfect sets for your baby. This includes a pre-session consultation about what you would like to see in your session including colors, wraps, props, outfits and more. Custom sessions must be booked at least 12 weeks in advance to give us a chance to order the specific props. Also, with this type of session, not all exact set ups can be guaranteed because sometimes, babies just are not having it, but we will use as many props and elements from the custom package during your session. All props have to be pre approved by the photographer and parents for these sessions with a signed prop list and contract :)

An updated Maternity and Newborn Client guide will be available soon!



Custom Cake Smash with backdrop, cake, outfit, headband and more!

Next on the list will be cake smashes! Now you can choose from three different tiered options (pun intended!) I wanted to be able to offer some variability for those who want things as simple as just a cake or favorite food with their little ones, all the way up to a custom set up where you can just show up to a beautiful set waiting for you! Like the newborn custom sessions, custom cake smash sessions must be booked at least 12 weeks in advance to insure arrival of props, backdrops, outfits, or cake design. All props, backdrops, outfits, and cake will be preapproved prior to order during the pre session consultation, but the set up and cake may have slight differences due to artistic design. This is trusting the artistic process of setting up an adorable and personal session for your child's first birthday, and I can't wait to offer these! Check out the cake smash (or any other type of smash) below! A first birthday and cake smash client guide will be available soon!



Next up on the list is wedding pricing. Now pricing hasn't changed a lot, but the collections have changed a slight bit! As always, custom collections are available on request as well as payment plans! An updated Wedding Client Guide will be available soon!

**wedding pricing sheet doesn't include taxes in pricing, travel or extras. Click this link

for more information.



More things to come in 2021 that people love are. you guessed it.... MINI SESSIONS!

I have several mini sessions planned this year! Some fun new ones will join the regulars on the schedule and I cant wait to share these fun ideas with you!

The standard minis that I plan to have this year are:

Valentines Day (Indoor)

Easter (Indoor)

Fall (Outdoor)

Christmas (Outdoor and Indoor)

With a few other fun and creative minis coming this spring and summer! Keep you eyes out for the first chance to book your mini sessions by joining my client group on Facebook.



Some other opportunities that may be available this year are things like mentoring, photography workshops for parents, non photographer assistant jobs, and prop destashes. I will make specific posts about these throughout the year and plan them based on interest and availability.




I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy for 2021 and I can't wait to see you for your session or event! If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact page to send me a message!



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