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Fall 2021 Scheduling!

Hi everyone! The busy Fall and Holiday season is quickly approaching so I wanted to share what my schedule will be like for the remainder of 2021! Now this is always subject to change based on how things go this fall, but this is a general weekly schedule of things I will be up to, how my office hours, session scheduling, and editing will work!


First for some important dates!

Fall Minis:

October 9-10 Fall Minis with a set up from The Mustard Couch (Location TBD)

October 16 Fall Micro Minis (NO SET UP)

Christmas Minis:

November 6-7 Christmas Minis with a set up from The Mustard Couch at Quarter Pine Tree Farm in Smithfield PA.

November 13 Christmas Card Micro Minis (NO SET UP) at Quarter Pine Tree Farm

Days that I will NOT be booking OR editing. This MAY delay your session delivery times but it will be discussed prior to your session.

August 14

August 28

September 30

October 1

October 24

October 30-31

November 20

November 24-28

December 19-January 2


Now for my weekly schedule for the remainder of the year! Please consider this schedule when inquiring about dates for your sessions. I will be able to have limited wiggle room when booking, but these days and times will be offered and booked first.

Weekly Schedule for August 2021-December 2021


-Sessions based on availability


-Morning: Editing

-Evening: Marketing, emails, etc


-Morning: Sessions based on availability

-Evenings: OFF


-Morning: Editing

-Evening: Marketing, emails etc


-Morning: Sessions based on availability

-Evening: Sessions based on availability


-Morning: Alternating weeks of editing and sessions

-Evening: Sessions based on availability


-Sessions based on availability


Thanks everyone for checking in and I appreciate your flexibility, understanding, patience and kindness as we are navigating the current on going situation as parents of a school aged child! This has been a chaotic journey!

For more information on my current COVID guidelines, please see my blog by clicking here!

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