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Did We Just Become Best Friends: The Cavallo Bros

Welcome back, my oh-so-wonderful blog readers! I really want to up my blogging game, so you all will have to tell me what you want to hear about!

Today I'd like you to meet some very special people: baby A and his older brother N! Our shoot was triumphantly successful, and I am head over heels about the shots I was able to capture! This one even received my highest ranking in the 2019 Shoot and Share contest, as a finalist. It means it placed in the top 500 of the Newborn Category with over 583,000 images submitted to the entire contest worldwide!

I think they will be the bestest of friends!

Mr N is so happy to have a younger brother and he made that apparent at our shoot! You can tell he just adores his baby brother and made me feel at home as well! I see a lot of games baseball in the future for these two cuties. One thing's for certain – baby A will always have someone looking out for him (and a great teammate)!

The biggest thing when trying to get pictures with older/toddler siblings during a newborn session is patience (and lots of silly noises) but big brother N made my job easy! (I plan on making another blog post about tips on how to get the perfect toddler siblings images during your session)

As you can see from the pictures below, these little ones were so good during the session, and already share such a connection. I can’t wait to see how they interact as they get older! I can’t wait to work with these handsome boys again (they also came in for a Easter mini and were cuter than ever!)

Thanks for reading! Check back in soon!

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