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2019 Shoot and Share Contest Results

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some news with you that I received in March. I submitted 50 images (going ALL IN) to the Shoot and Share contest. This contest is for any photographer, amateur to professional, IPhone to DSLR to enter. Its even free to enter, and anyone can vote! This is my third time entering and each year I strive to do better than the last. So, this year I had one finalist image! I am so excited that it placed 421 out of over 6000 images in the category and three were over 580,000 images entered into the competition as a total. Below are my results from 2019, as well as my finalist image. (Aren't the Cavallo boys adorable!) I also included my overall results from the last three years. The journey of an artist never ends. We are always growing and learning, striving to do better. Thanks for being a special part of my artistic journey!

2019 Shoot and Share Results

2019 Shoot and Share Finalist (Cavallo Brothers)

2017-2019 Shoot and Share Results

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