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If you could only grab a few things out of your home and leave the rest behind, what would they be? When asked this question, photo albums and other memorable items were common answers. Along with my pets and a few other valuables, photos would be at the top of my list. Photography is one way of being able to take yourself back in time to many past events in you and your loved ones lives. They have the ability to take you back to that single moment in time. They capture your childhood, your high school graduation, wedding, birth of your children and their milestones, and many other important events. They have the ability to bring on a variety of different emotions and feelings. When I see pictures of my loved ones I can hear their laugh, see their smile, and remember the time the photos were taken, making the memories last forever.  When you are hiring a photographer, you are not simply hiring someone to take your picture; you are purchasing an important investment in preserving the memories of your life. This is one reason why photography is important to many people, including myself.

When you hire me as your photographer, my main goal is to capture your memories with quality photos, a quick return, and a friendly, memorable experience. I believe that quality, customer service and satisfaction, and safety are the most important parts of the photography process. Capturing and bringing your memories to life is an important and very intimate process even if it is your first session, your fifteenth, or a special occasion. Each session is planned with care and imagination in mind, all the way down to the small details. It is important to me to see my clients happy in front of my lens, as well as after they receive their products.

If you are interested in booking a session, please choose between the available options on the drop down menu for more information. When booking your session, please feel free to ask any questions about the process.  I am willing to work with clients to create a custom package to fit your budget. I feel honored and blessed to have the opportunity to become part of your family’s memories.




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